The Video is the twentieth chapter of the Black Cat manga.

The Video
Chapter 20's Cover
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Volume 3
Chapter 20
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Train, Sven, and Eve arrive at Rubeck City to catch their next target.

Three days earlier, the three were walking in town. Sven informs his two partners that they still owed 15 million. They are approached by belze Rochefort, a Time guardian for Chronos, who gives them a video letter from Karl, Train's former superior, before leaving.

They open the video and Karl informs them about the recent murder sprees happening, all caused by one man whom Karl believes can only be stopped by the Chrono Numbers, but since the Elders are the ones who control the numbers and not him, he's asking Train to sweep this criminal. Karl tells them that he's put up a bounty of 15 million yen on the man's head, prompting them to go to Rubeck City.

At the airport, they run into Kyoko and Charden.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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