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The Messenger from Chronos
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Kanji: クロノスからの使者
Romaji Kuronosu Kara no Shisha
English The Messenger from Chronos
Volume 1
Chapter 2
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The Messenger from Chronos (クロノスからの使者 "Kuronosu Kara no Shisha") is the second chapter of the Black Cat manga and the second chapter of Volume 1.


Train Heartnet dreams of his Black Cat days, then wakes up in a restaurant were Sven tells him that they are after a eat and run guy. Somewhere else, a man from Chronos is talking on the phone . He hangs up and takes out a picture of Train. Back in the restaurant a waiter tells a man that his bill is 100,000 yen, just then the man runs out of restaurant. Train then follows him and tell Sven to pay for the bill. Sven tells Train that he doesn't have any money, so Sven runs. While chasing the guy a knife is thrown at his chest. Train and Sven then notice a man standing there. Train says Sven that his name is Cleaver and that he used to be Train's junior. Train tell Sven to give them a minute so Sven decides to take the bounty to the hospital. Train and Clevar are then on a bridge and Clevar tells Train about how Chronos needs them. He says that the elders can't understand why Train left, and are wondering if he is looking for that man. Train then walks away telling Clevar that "The Black Cat died once and became a stray." Just then, Clevar shoots at Train, barely cutting his face. Clevar tells Train that his orders are to take Train back or kill him. After Train refuses the offer, the two have a stand off and fire at each other at the same time with Train killing Clevar. Train than sheds a tear, thinking of how stupid Clevar was. He later meets up with Sven and tells him that Clevar left. Sven informs Train that the eat and run guy made it and asked Train if he wants to eat, which Train happily agrees to.

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