Sweeper Reunion (掃除屋 再開 "soujiya saikai") is the nineteenth chapter of the Black Cat manga.

Sweeper Reunion
Chapter 19 Cover
Kanji: 掃除屋 再開
Romaji soujiya saikai
English Sweeper Reunion
Volume 3
Chapter 19
Previous Chapter 18
Next Chapter 20


10 days after the incident at Lunafort Tower, the trio are back sweeping. Sven iforms them that their targets are Ricky and Johnny, expert jewel thieves. Train comes up with an idea: He yells that they are sweepers, causing the two criminals to flea. Instantly, Train runs after them, much to Sven's annoyance. Eve takes off after Train adn the two take Ricky and Johnny down. Sven comes up moments later and yells at Train to never pull this off again.

They go to the police station to collect their bounty. Train waits outside and sees a store that sells yakutas. He remembers Saya explaining to him why she loves wearing yakutas. He remembers another memory where she tells him that he is just like her, a stray cat. Train smiles at the memory and tells Saya that she was right. He takes a walk in the town unaware that Number II of the Chronos is watching him. He tells a man on the phone that he has found Train Heartnet.

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