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English Dive
Volume 2
Chapter 17
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Dive is the seventeenth chapter of the Black Cat manga and the ninth chapter of volume 2.


Rinslet immediately jumps after Train and catches him then quickly pulls out her bungee cord to stop their fall. She then remembers that she does not have her handbag which contains her emergency parachute and wonders if this the end. Police arrive at Lunafort Tower after being altered about an explosion. They rush in and are surprised to see a young girl there. The girl kisses one of the officers, causing him to burn alive. Maro kills the two remaining officers and comments on how Kyoko's -the girl- method was disgusting. Kyoko explains that it's easier for her to use heat up the body from the inside and that she's "a kiss fanatic", prompting Maro to ask if she's even taking Creed's revaluation seriously. Charden Flamberg appears to inform them that he's received a message from Shiki saying that since it's almost about time to withdraw, they can "have some fun and come up".

Sven and Eve are driving to Lunafort Tower. Eve asks if Sven knows where Train is and he says yes. He explains that since they are partners, they have tiny transmitters in their cellphones so that they can locate the other.

Back at the tower, Train wakes up and, much to Rinslet's horror, causes the two of them to fall into a pond.

Shiki asks Creed if he's alright after tending to him when the rest of the Apostles arrive. Shiki tries to tell their leader that the Black Cat is probably dead, but Creed disagrees.

Train pulls himself and an unconscious Rinslet out of the pond before a man in a lab coat approaches them.

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