Saya Minatsuki (ミナツキサヤ  Minatsuki Saya) is the sixteenth chapter of the Black Cat manga.

Saya Minatsuki
Chapter 16
Kanji: ミナツキサヤ
Romaji Minatsuki Saya
English Saya Minatsuki
Volume 2
Chapter 16
Previous Chapter 15
Next Chapter 17


The chapter begins with a flashback of how Train met Saya. It ends and the scene returns to the battle between Train and Creed. Train comes up with an idea and places his gun in his left hand, much to everyone's confusion. Back home, Sven tells Eve to lock the doors because he's going out to where Train is. Eve insists on accompaning him because it's "her turn to save him."

Back at Lunafort Tower, Train charges at Creed who strikes. Train then does the unexpected: He puts up his right hand, which results in the sword cutting it. This allows Train to see the weapon and shoot, breaking it. He then shoots Creed with a "burst bullet". The cieling begins to collapse and Train passes out and falls out of the building while Rinslet watches in horror.

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