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Evolving Power!
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English Evolving Power!
Volume 16
Chapter 141
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Evolving Power! is the one hundred and forty-first chapter of the Black Cat manga and the first chapter of Volume 15.


After thanking him for his help, Silphy Dearcroft warns Sven Vollfied that the man posses some kind of power, but Sven is not surprised due to his knowledge of the Apostles. The new Taoist, Deek Slathky, reveals that he knows who Sven is and was ordered to kill him. Sven decides to handle this, but Silphy, offended at this, refuses, and pulls out a knife, then charges at the man. Deak dodges the attack and grabs her hand, then freezes it. Silphy screams in agony as she falls to the ground. Deak reveals to Sven that the ice will slowly spread on the woman's body until she turns into a statue, unless Sven either kills him or knocks him out. Sven takes off his eye patch and agrees. Deak creates ice shards around the sweeper and attacks him from all sides, presumably killing him. Sven, much to Deak's shock, turns out to be alive and unscathed. The sweeper attacks him, but Deak dodges most of the attacks and asks how Sven managed to avoid the shards. Sven reveals that the Vision eye has evolved to the Grasper Eye.

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