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Global Revolution
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Kanji: この星に革命を
Romaji "kono hoshi ni kakumei o"
English Global Revalution
Volume 2
Chapter 14
Previous Chapter 13
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Global Revolution (この星に革命を "kono hoshi ni kakumei o") is the fourteenth chapter of the Black Cat manga and the sixth chapter of Volume 2.


Train has just arrived at Lunafort tower. Creed comments on the fact that Train wore his black coat. Train turns his attention and gun towards Shiki, who is holding Rinslet. Shiki threatens to kill Rinslet if Train shoots. Train demands that Creed let Rinslet go, but Creed says he won’t until he has talked to Train. Creed reveals that he’d been looking for Train for two years, he wants to destroy Chronos and has been traveling the world gathering people who agree with him and have powers to help him. He says he’s created a team stronger than the Chronos numbers. Creed asks Train become his partner once again. Train’s response is that Creed doesn’t have the right to ask him that after betraying him two years ago and killing Saya. Creed calls Saya a witch and asks why after two years is Train still thinking about her and says she tried to “corrupt him”. Train becomes even more infuriated. A moment later Rinslet manages to finish picking a lock on her cuff and kicks Shiki, freeing herself momentarily. Shiki takes control of Rinslet’s arm using his Tao puppet bees and forces her to point her own gun at her head. Shiki threatens Train if he does not join them he will make Rinslet kill herself. Train demands Creed makes Shiki stop but Creed merely teases Train about his soft spot for women and children. Creed says he will do anything to make Train join him and asks Train what he wants in return for joining him. Train answer is that he wants Rinslet freed and for Creed to fight him. Creed asks if Train is trying to get revenge for Saya and tells Train he killed her for his sake. Creed then agrees to fight Train on the condition that if he wins, Train will join him. Train accepts the deal.

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