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English Alliance
Volume 14
Chapter 129
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Alliance is the one hundred and twenty-ninth chapter of the Black Cat manga and the seventh chapter of Volume 14.


After a bus ride and a half an hour hiking, the sweepers finally arrive at Glin's home. Train Heartnet and Eve are surprised to find Sven Vollfied had already arrive. They ask about Rinslet Walker, but Sven tells them that she did not want to come. Train wonders where River Zastory is and the man arrives a few minutes later because he had missed the bus.

With time up, Glin closes the gates and officially forms the Sweeper's Alliance, consisting of: Train, Eve, Sven, River, Touma Fudou, Gallom, Lacdoll, Kevin McDougall,Mundock, and Silphy Dearcroft. He reveals the Apostles' location to be in the Adonian sea

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