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The Meeting
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English The Meeting
Volume 14
Chapter 128
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The Meeting is the one hundred and twenty-eighth chapter of the Black Cat manga and the sixth chapter of Volume 14.


Sven Vollfied gets a call from Train Heartnet, telling him about the location of the meeting, which is in the Republic of Topirika. They agree to go to Topirika and Sven promises to catch up with them later.

At the Apostles of the Stars' castle, Doctor informs Creed Diskenth that the immortal nanomachine will be ready in two weeks. Shiki informs the swordsman that someone has put together a team of elite sweeper to capture him, but Creed is not concerned and only cares about one person only, the Black Cat.

Nine days later, Train and Eve head to the meeting's location with other teams of sweepers.

Lin Shaolee informs Sephiria Arks of the progress he has made on the Alliance and tells her to focus on defeating Creed.

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