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Ultimate Aim
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English Utlimate Aim
Volume 12
Chapter 113
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Ultimate Aim is the one hundred and thirteenth chapter of the Black Cat manga and the tenth chapter of Volume 12.


Not really understanding the Doctor's words, Tearju Lunatique asks for some clarity. The man explains that they wish to reach mankind's impossible dream: Immortality, however, he had only managed to create nanomachines called Lucifer that can cause unpredictable transformations, something he deems a failure. This is why he needs Tearju, for her expertise in Nanomachines can turn this failure into a success. The woman ask who they are supposed to be and is shocked to discover that they are the Apostles of the Stars, the ones responsible for the terrorist attack on the World Summit. Doctor goes on to say that if their leader, Creed Diskenth wants to be immortal so that he can rule this world forever. He then asks for her if she will join them and promises her to be paid handsomely. Tearju however, refuses, stating that she has vowed to never toy with human life again. Doctor is disappointed by this response and advises her to reconsider for her sake. He gives her Lucifer before leaving with Shiki.

Tearju finishes narrating what happened. Sven Vollfied concludes that the scientist had already analyzed a sample of Lucifer, hence how she knew its effects. He goes on to say that he had never thought that Creed's plan was to rule the world, unaware that Eve is hearing everything.

At the Apostles' hideout, Doctor informs Creed that Eathes has successfully copied Dr. Tearju and that he and Echidna are on their way back. This pleases Creed who exclaims that he loathes nothing more than idiotic humans, such as the Chronos Elders, and that this world is in need of a purge to will cleanse it of their vile. Once he becomes "God", he will only allow the clever ones who follow him to live in his ideal world, Eden.

The next day, Sven is searching for Train Heartnet. Tearju informs him that he went outside with Eve. Seeing the pan in the woman's hand, Sven asks what she is doing, to which she replies that she is cooking. She explains that the black substance is hot cakes, something Sven finds hard to believe. She steps forward and trips, throwing the "hot cakes" in the sweeper's face in the process.

Outside, Sven, face bandaged, finds Train, who tells him that Eve brought him up to speed and has something to say about their future. Eve tells them that she believe Creed is too dangerous to let go and they should capture him, much to Sven's shock.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Tearju Lunatique (Flashback)
  2. Doctor (Flashback)
  3. Shiki (Flashback)
  4. Creed Diskenth (Flashback)
  5. Sven Vollfied
  6. Train Heartnet
  7. Eve