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Kanji: クリード
Romaji Kurīdo
English Creed
Volume 2
Chapter 11
Previous Chapter 10
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Creed (クリード Kurīdo) is the 11th chapter of the Black Cat Manga and the third chapter of Volume 2.


After hearing Creed's name Train goes berserk on Torneo. Sven then punches Train and tells him to get a hold of himself. Torneo tells them that he doesn't know where Creed is. All of a sudden Torneo's mansion explodes. Rinslet says she blew it up because she had a bad feeling about the things in Torneo's lab. 3 days later Train and Sven decide to take Eve with them. While Torneo is being taken to jail, Shiki has the police kill Torneo. Creed says that he'll throw a carnival to celebrate  his and Train's reunion. Rinslet leaves the group telling them that their alliance is over. Train and Sven talk about how easy she is to go. While leaving Eve tells them that she wants to go to a festival. Train remembers that there's a carnival in Elsida. Sven decides that its a good way to show Eve the world.

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