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A New Apostle
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English A New Apostle
Volume 12
Chapter 109
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A New Apostle is the one hundred and ninth chapter of the Black Cat manga and the sixth chapter of Volume 12.


Remembering Tearju Lunatique's words about believing in himself, Train Heartnet closes his eyes and follows her adivce.

Echidna Parass demands an answer and Tearju guves her one: No, she refuses to work for the Apostles of the Stars and has vowed to never again tamper with human life. Echidna signals the cloaked figure, who turns out to be a monkey named Eathes, and advises the doctor and sweepers to not underestimate him. Eathes's soul emerges out and enters Tearju before returning to the monkey. Everyone is shocked to see Earthes take the appearance of the doctor. Echidna explains that Eathes Tao, copy, allows him to duplicate anything, such as the voice, appearance, memories, and even knowlage of anyone. This means that Eathes now has Tearju's knowlage. Echidna orders the Phantom Star Brigade, Sven Vollfied shoots them first. Unfortunatly for him, they get back up. Eathes asks for authorization to kill the man as well, which Echidna grants.

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