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Sephiria's Call
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English Sephiria's Call
Volume 12
Chapter 105
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Sephiria's Call is the one hundred and fifth chapter of the Black Cat manga and the second chapter of Volume 12.


On their way to meet Dr.Tearju Lunatique, Sven Vollfied asks Train Heartnet if he has heard from Kyoko Kirisaki, in which Train replies that he 3 AM.

Kyoko meets a stray black cat and decides to keep it. Rinslet Walker finds her and together, the two ride a limo and go on their way.

Jenos Hazard is waiting by a helicopter that will take the three of them to Sephiria Arks. He talks about how attractive Kyoko will be when she grows up, unaware that Rinslet and Kyoko had arrived and are behind him, which is unfortunate for him, as Rinslet gets annoyed by his comment and punches him.

The three arrive at Red Wall Gorge, where Sephiria is already present and has her sword ready, much to Jenos' confusion. Sephiria asks the girl if she is Kyoko Kirisaki and upon the former Apostle's confirmation, the woman reveals that she has been wondering what she will do with her before slicing a rock at light speed until is appears as a gravestone with Kyokos name on it. She states that while Kyoko has no ill will towards Chronos, she may turno on them and Sephiria does not want to risk this. This worries both Jenos and Rinslet.

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