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Kanji: じゆう
Romaji jiyū
English Freedom
Volume 2
Chapter 10
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Freedom (じゆう "jiyū")is the tenth chapter of the Black Cat Manga and the second chapter of Volume 2.


Sven reaches Eve and Torneo, while Rinslet finds the Research Facilty. Inside there are a bunch monsters made out of Nanomachines. Eve decides to be free so she doesn't have to kill anymore. Torneo decides to give a shot to Eve. Flitt explains that it a drug that will cause all of the nanomachines inside Eve to go wild and unleash her physical transformation ability to its maximum, at the same time it will lower Eve's brain activity. Right as Toneo is about to give her the shot, Train shoots it. Sven then punches Torneo, Flitt shoots at Sven but Eve blocks it. Train then knocks him out. Eve explains that she changed her stomach into iron. Train tells Torneo that he lost, Torneo then realizes who Train is and mentions Creed..

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