The Man Called Black Cat
Kanji: 黒い猫と呼ばれた男
Romaji Kuroi Neko to Yobareta Otoko
English The Man Called Black Cat
Volume 1
Chapter 1
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The Man Called Black Cat (黒い猫と呼ばれた男 Kuroi Neko to Yobareta Otoko) is the first chapter of the Black Cat manga.

Plot == The chapter starts off with "Sweepers" (bounty hunters) Train Heartnet and Sven Vollfied capturing a bounty. With the money they decide to go get something to eat, but during their meal some men come in a shoot up the place killing everybody but one old man. Train states that he remembers the old man and he has a 2 million dollar bounty on his head. One of the men is about to kill the old man, but Train steps in saying he's their bounty. Train then throws some smoke bombs, grabs the old man, and runs. Later at a hotel, the man tells them name is Harry Affleck, they find out that he was a executive of the Lib Mafia who disappeared half a month ago. Harry tells them that he was just a accountant that they hired, that wanted a way out. Then the Lib Mafia assasian Reis Donovan is killing the men that tried to kill Harry, the last one asked why, in which Reis states that the mafia doesn't need them and kills him. Later Sven tells Train that Harry gave half his life for an organization is similar to Train. The next day Train and Harry are waiting for Sven when suddenly Sven appears covered in blood. Harry asked if he's been shot, suddenly Train tells him to get back, and then Sven shoots Harry, killing him. It was really Reis in disguise. Harry in his last breath tells Train that he wanted to see his grown daughter, Ellie, he then dies with tears in his eyes. Train then follows Reis to a rooftop where they talk. Reis notices his tattoo and his gun, which belongs to Black Cat, the legendary assassin who killed countless people. Just then Reis starts shooting at Train, but Train blocked all of them. Train then shoots into the barrel of his pistols and jumps on Reis with his gun at his head saying that Black Cat had died and become a stray, and to tell pops (Harry) that he would like to eat a meal with him. Train then kills Reis. Later Train and Sven go to Rojana and leaves a family picture of him at Ellie's door step.

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