• Solazora

    Planning to Adopt

    November 18, 2017 by Solazora

    Hello, I am planning on requesting to adopt the Black Cat wiki in a few days. I'm an admin on a few wikis and when I noticed that the Black Cat wiki was in need of some care, I decided to try adopting it. I am a huge fan of the Black Cat anime and manga series and I would love to adopt it. I would also love to fix this wiki up a bit, but I cannot access the theme designer and other limited functions to do so without the proper rights. I'm currently going through the wiki and fixing many typos (spelling, grammar, etc) as well as looking at what articles have been created and what articles have not, such as articles for the opening and ending themes of the anime. Locating and sorting all the articles is only the beginning, I intend to eventu…

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  • Wildheart970


    November 14, 2016 by Wildheart970

    Are there any active admins around? Sorry I'm putting this here, don't know where else to put it. But, pretty sure no admins are here, quiet sad that this wiki died. Should I adopt it? I have the experience.

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  • Lilich

    Chrono nembers

    May 15, 2014 by Lilich
    14 in number, they represent the elite of an organization calling itself 'Chronos' and aimed at maintaining peace and stability of the economy.Each member is assigned a personal weapon Orichalcum, supposedly indestructible material. At its head is numbered 0, Willzark followed by the other 13 : *Number I: Sephiria Arks (Sephiria Axe in the manga). Weapon: the sword Christ. *nemberII: Belze Rochefort. Weapon: Spear Weapon Gungunil. *nember III: Emilio Lowe (anime). *Number IV: Kranz Maduke. Weapon: Dagger vibrant Mars. *Number V: Naizer Blackheimer. Weapon: tonfa Dios Kreu. (Member of Kerberos, attacks raprochées) *nemberVI : Anubis (anime) *Number VII: Jenos Hazard (Janus in the manga). Weap… Read more >
  • Bunny-loverXIV

    not sure if this is the right place. but I was filling in the "like" and "dislike" boxes on the character templates. however what I put in for "dislikes" won't show and just says "



    but when I went to edit it the text I put was still in the box just doesn't show when published. however I have no such probelm with anything I put under "likes". I don't understand at all. if someone know what's wrong or can fix it please do or tell me.  

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  • Kameo32o


    October 10, 2013 by Kameo32o

    Why do they call these "Blogs" anyway? The word itself is short for "Weblog". When and why did we decide to shorten it by two letters?

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  • BlaCk CAt AniMe lOveR


    Train:"IT'S A JOURNAL!"

    Saya: "Sure it is..."


    This was the worst day ever, CREED KILLED SAYA! I will hunt him down and kill him. This little girl named Eve and a guy Sven found me and saved me. I think It's been two weeks scince I was awake. The girl gave me a bell to ware 'cuz she saw in this book that if you put a ball arround the neck of a bad cat it wont act out any more. I think ill call her, Princess. Oh and shes this nano engenered liveing wepon that can change her body parts into any thing she wants.

    ^w^ ~ Train

    I'm a sweeper with Sven and Princess now. Met this theif-for-hire Rinslet Walker. Saya would be happy that i'm smileing now.

    ^w^ ~ Train

    I went back to the town ware me and Saya met. I told Sven and Princess about her. Pr…

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  • Friezafollwer

    A Opinion

    February 11, 2013 by Friezafollwer

    This is a rough draft for a story that i am writing. Could someone please read this and tell me some feedback? Thank you for your help. This is the story:

    Children of Destiny


    What happened to the world? There used to be children playing in yards and swimming in the pools in the summer time. Trees used to sway in the breeze and lose the leaves that covered their branches in the winter time. The sky used to be blue with hope of a new day and new love. Now the children no longer play in the yard, the trees will never let their leaves fall and the sky is dark with hopelessness and pain. If you are reading this, then it means that I have failed to save everyone.

    He has taken the world for himself and now all hope is lost. My story is not a happy…

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  • Trainlover22


    January 12, 2013 by Trainlover22

    hi, im new and i was wondering how things are around here after a bit.

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  • Jester of chaos

    Is it just me?

    November 25, 2012 by Jester of chaos

    Hello every one is it just me or do you feel the anime Black Cat should be still going,I know they mostly followed the manga and it ended pretty quick as well. I just want to see new episodes.I mean one of my faviorite characters was minor and died (Durham Glaster)but? others I like are still alive ? Eve,Train,Sven and their in my opion are some of the best anime charaters ive seen and i watch quite a few animes. so can you guy/gals tell me what you think and have a nice chaotic day no matter what.

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  • Mr Lucky 1


    March 5, 2012 by Mr Lucky 1

    I am a huge fan of Black Cat, both the anime and the manga.

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  • . .-. ..- -.. .. - ---

    Message Wall

    February 3, 2012 by . .-. ..- -.. .. - ---

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello there, I haven't been very active lately, but I'm still lurking around all the time, and have noticed Chao-Chan's wonderful contributions to the wiki, and I'd just like to extend a warm Thank You from the Black Cat Wiki Staff. We hope you'll continue to contribute in such enormous way.

    Anyway, this blog is more to tell you few readers that this wiki now has the Message Wall feature instead of Talk Pages. All your Talk Pages have been archived and still be accessed, but now you have a more streamlined and social of communication.

    If you want more information on the new Message Wall feature, check this link Here.

    Well that's it really, Happy Editing!

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  • . .-. ..- -.. .. - ---

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    It's that time of year yet again folks! When everyone is hyper-active, hyper-happy and sometimes hyper-frustrated! Some people love it, some people hate it, regardless, Christmas brings everyone together! And so, to show our Christmas spirit, the Black Cat Wiki has a brand new Christmas theme!
    There's not really much in this piece of News other than an update on the Theme, just a reminder that we're looking for some Staff who can help out on the wiki, for more information on what Staff entails, check the Staff Page, and if you want to apply for a Staff position, you have to have say, at least 50 edits, rather Substantial edits, not just fixing a mispelled word or two, revamps, adding information, or going through a w…

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  • VariKing


    December 8, 2011 by VariKing

    Excuse me, but my little brother was being rude again on Beyblade Wiki and has caused the entire computer to block from Beypedia. I have tried to get on to Beypedia but it associated me with my brother. If you can, as an Admin, can you lift the block? My Brother's user ID is KingFubuki92.

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  • . .-. ..- -.. .. - ---


    December 7, 2011 by . .-. ..- -.. .. - ---

    Welcome to the News Feed!

    Alright people of the Black Cat Wiki, this here is the first piece of News on the News Feed I've been working on! This shall summarise the changes I've made around the place (Yes this was a blog a made earlier, but now it's on the new feed, so I had to pretty it up somewhat. There are no actual changes to the content apart from this message).

    This News Feed will allow the Black Cat Wiki Staff to quickly and easily communicate to the Wiki community, although there aren't really many editors here, it still makes the place look nicer! Alright, well onto the news we go!

    Alright people, although I'm pretty sure no one will read this anyway, I feel it's neccessary to update everyone on the MANY changes that have occured and…

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