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We are all Time Guardians. The mission is everything...wait until the mission is over to talk about your feelings.

—Brluga J. Heard

Beluga J. Heard
Biographical Information



Berūga J Hādo

Also known as

Number XI

Basic Information





December 11

Blood Type



216 cm / 7'1"


109 kg / 240.3 lbs


Rock Climbing, Sleeping



Professional Information





Chapter 69


Episode 12

Voice Actors
Japanese Voice

Kouji Ishii

English Voice

Gorden Holey

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Beluga J. Heard (ベルーガ・J・ハード Berūga J Hādo), known as Number XI, was a member of Chronos and the long range attacker for the Cerberus assassination squad.


Beluga was a tall, well-built man, with grey hair, and blue eyes. Like all the other numbers, he wore a formal suit, with a purple shirt underneath it, along with a yellow tie. He also wears round glasses.


He enjoyed rock climbing, and taking naps in his free time. To him, completing the mission with his team is everything, and personal feelings can wait until the job is done.

Manga Plot

Cerberus Arc

Nizer and Beluga accompany Sephiria Arks to meet Rinslet Walker. Sephiria informs the thief about her mission with Cerberus and gives her the chance to back out if she is afraid. Rinslet however, accepts the offer and heads to Stock town with Cerberus.

With Rinslet's help, Cerberus tracks down the Apostles of the Stars. They attack and battle many members before finally finding Creed Diskenth, who is holding Rinslet hostage. Nizer battles the werewolf, one of Creed's experiments, and defeats him. He and Nizer come up with a plan to kill Creed, but it may also kill Nizer as well. Regardless, they still procede as it is their duty as Numbers to finish the mission no matter the risks. Nizer holds Creed from behind and signals Beluga to shoot. The man does, but he misses thanks to Jenos Hazard, who tells Beluga that they can not kill Nizer. This gives Creed the chance to fatally injure Nizer and attack the two other numbers until the castle explodes. The three try to escape, but Beluga dies helping Jenos and Nizer escape from the Apostles of the Stars' collapsing hideout. His last words were to thank Jenos for keeping him from killing his own friend.

Anime Plot

Beluga joins Jenos Hazard and Nizer Bruckheimer in the attack on the Apostles of the Stars' castle in an attempt to assassinate Creed Diskenth; and manage to destroy good portion of it. During the conflict Nizer sacrifices himself in a final failed attempt to kill Creed, causing Beluga to destroy him with his Bazooka. Later on, Beluga dies while fighting off enemy soldiers.

Equipment and Abilities


Verethragna: Beluga wields an Orichalcum bazooka named "Verethragna", which can also be used as a large hammer. Due to his weapon of choice, Beluga is usually called for duty in missions against organized resistance groups or nations rather than one-one-one duels.

The term "verethragna" roughly translates to "smiting of resistance" or "victory". A suitable name to coincide with a bazooka.


Jenos Hazard and Nizer Bruckheimer

The three were all part of Cerberus, therefore, they were very good friends. Before his death, Beluga thanked Jenos for stopping him from killing Nizer, so that he wouldn't have to live with the guilt of killing his best friend.


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