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"Nothing good comes from a life of crime.",eh? Well let me tell you here is hell of a lot easier when you have a gang to back you up.

—Bayard, Chapter 62

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Bayard (ベヤード Beyādo) is a member of the Blue Vice gang who encountered Saya Minatsuki.


Bayard is a tall man with dark hair and a goatee. His attire consists solely of a shirt, trousers, and shoes.


Bayard is manipulative. When he first meets Train Heartnet, he comes off as a nice and honest man, but later reveals his true colors when his gang surround the sweeper. He is a criminal who believes that a life of crime is much easier than being a good person. This belief was solidified when he heard of Saya's death.


Bayard was a member of another gang. He failed at his job and was beaten by his own comrades. Before they could finish him off, a young Sweeper named Saya Minatsuki came to his rescue and easily defeated the other members of the gang. Bayard initially thought she was going to beat him as well, but the woman assured him that she only wanted to help. She told him that nothing good comes from a life of crime, She patched him up and at some point told him about her friend, Train Heartnet.

Sometime later, Bayard checked the Active Sweeper Registry and saw that Saya's name was not there, meaning that she was dead. This did not surprise the man, as he did not believe that the Sweeper would survive long with her beliefs.

A year ago, a new gang known as the Blue Vice formed. Bayard joined and told the leader, Loyfenn, about knowing Saya, a woman who knew the notorious Black Cat.

Manga Plot

Vengeance Arc

While walking in Champais town, Bayard sees a young man with an XII tattoo and quickly realizes that he is Saya's friend, Train Heartnet. He invites Train to his shop where he narrates the story of how he met Saya. Suddenly, a group of men barge in and surround the sweeper. Bayard reveals that he is working with this gang and that he never took Saya's advice to turn away from a life of crime.Train defeats the gang and aims his gun at Bayard, but ultimately does not kill him, telling him instead that it is up to him to choose his path, then leaves.


Saya Minatsuki

Saya saved Bayard and advised him to turn away from the life of crime. He did not take her adivce however, as he believed that a person with such beliefs would not survive in this world for long. This belief was strengthened when he heard of Saya's death.


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