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Yeah, sure. But I don't want anybody dying in front of my shop, okay?

—Annette Pias, Chapter 3

Annette Pias
Biographical Information

アネット ピアス


Anetto Piasu

Basic Information





May 17

Blood Type



172 cm/ 5'7


62 kg/ 136.69 lbs

Hair Color


Eye Color






Professional Information

Cafe owner
Sweeper (formerly)




Chapter 3


Episode 2

Voice Actors
Japanese Voice

Shouko Tsuda

English Voice

Judy O'Loughlin

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Annette Pias (アネット ピアス Anetto Piasu) is the owner of the Cait Sith Cafe. She was an active Sweeper before retiring and now makes good use of the information web that she built during her Sweeper days, acting as an Information Dealer. She is an old friend of Sven's, who occasionally maintains their hideouts as well.


Anette is a tall woman with short blonde hair and grey eyes. She wears a black top, blue jeans, a red headband and a green apron.


Annette is very calm, and reasonable. She does not immediately believe something, or trust someone. She can also be witty, and sarcastic. Although she is calm most of the time, Annette can lose her composure when she needs to prove a point.


Annette was once a sweeper before retiring,and opening a cafe called Cait Sith.

Manga Plot

The Girl in Black Arc

Annette is in her cafe when Train and Sven enter. The three talk together, until a panicking woman rushes into the cafe, pleading for help. Train refuses, which earns him a kick from Sven. After explaining her situation, Train agrees to fight the men after her, and tells Annette to have a salmon rice ball ready by the time he is finished. Annette tells him that she doesn't want anyone dying in front of her cafe.

The Mad Gunman Arc

Annette gets attacked by Durham Glaster, who is seeking the Black Cat. Train and Sven return to the cafe to find a beaten Annette, whom warns them about the Tao user.

After Durham severely wounds Eve, Sven decides that she should no longer accompany him and Train, and asks Annette to care for her. The woman tries to convince Sven not to do this, but he doesn't listen.

Lucifier Arc

Sven again asks Annette to care for Eve, while he and Train visit Tearju Lunatique. Annette snaps at him for running away from his responsibility towards Eve, pointing out that Train knows the girl better than Sven does.

Anime Plot

Annette is watching as a group of Sweepers are debating who will go after Preta Ghoul. Just then, a sweeper walks in silently takes the poster and leaves with a smile. Moments later, Sven arrives and asks Annette if there were any good bounties, to which she tells him that the last one was taken. Later, a blonde woman named Elena runs into the cafe begging for someone to save her from a group of men after her. Sven saves her and she hires him to save her sister, who has been abducted by Torneo Rudman. In return, she will offer him a hefty reward. Annette is suspicious of this woman and advises Sven to be careful.

After rescuing the girl, who is a bio-weapon named Eve, Sven and Elena hide at Annette's house from Chronos. She promises to update them on anything related to the organization. Later, she is approached by Chronos agents who demand to search her house for Sven and Eve. She allows them to do so since the two have already escaped.

Annette is later visited by a disguised Sven, and informs him that Rinslet is on a new job. When Eve is abducted by the Zero Numbers, Annette aids the sweepers in rescuing her.

Equipment and Abilities

Information: As a former sweeper, Annette has a large network that gives her information.


Sven Vollfied

Annette is good friends with Sven, and helps him with his job by providing him valuable information. Despite their friendship however, Annette does not always agree with Sven, sometimes argues with him. In the anime for example, she advised Sven not to trust "Elena", since she seemed very suspicious. In the manga, she argued twice with Sven when the man tried to leave Eve in her care, stating that Train understood the girl more than Sven did.


  • Her cafe is named after the mythological fairy cat, Cait Sith.


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